Window Treatments in Toronto, ON

Window Treatments

Be inspired by our window blinds in Toronto, ON, when you decide to add or replace the window coverings in your home or office with the help of our talented team. We’re dedicated to bringing you the very best and highest-quality products, which is why we are proud to carry Hunter Douglas window coverings. Work with our design specialists to see how much impact new window shades and other treatments can have on your home’s appeal and value. To ensure we can meet your designer needs, we carry the exclusive Hunter Douglas brand. With so many different styles, textures, and fabric choices, there’s no limit to your range of creativity. In this line of outstanding products at our store you will find all of the following collections:

  • Sheers & Shadings
  • Honeycomb Shades
  • Roman Shades
  • Roller Shades
  • Woven Woods
  • Shutters
  • Vertical Blinds
  • Horizontal Blinds

No matter what your design preference, window shape or size, or practical and lifestyle requirements, we have the merchandise to make your vision a reality. We can help bring a cohesive design into your home, and enhance the style of any room with your aesthetic preferences.

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Practical & Stylish Windows

Window blinds are an essential part of making a room look finished while also providing privacy. Although blinds offer privacy, it’s still important to periodically allow the sun into your home. You’re probably familiar with the comforting feeling of opening blinds on a sunny morning and feeling the light pour into the room. Now with our help you can enjoy that moment even more with attractive window treatments. Sliding glass doors are a beautiful feature, but sometimes you need an easy option to block sunlight or create a privacy screen for your indoor retreat. Vertical blinds are an excellent way to provide for both scenarios with a stylish and minimalist aesthetic. They offer singular ease of use and blend well with any design scheme, so your options aren’t limited. This makes them ideal for a home renovation in its early or developmental phases. Do you experience extremely high cooling bills during the hot summer months? Whether you use gas or electric to power your home cooling system, you can save significant money on your energy bill by getting energy efficient window coverings. The right window treatments can provide your home with beauty as well as functionality. From blackout curtains to stylish awnings, there are a number of window treatments that can block the sun’s heat from intruding into your home. Sun-blocking window blinds and curtains are useful on every side of your house that faces the sun throughout the day, as well as each aboveground level. In addition to blocking heat from entering in the summer, energy-saving window drapes can also prevent heat loss during the cold winter months, saving you money on your home heating bill.

Experienced Window Treatments Installation

Our window coverings are more than just a way to fulfill practical functions. They take an often neglected feature and turn it into a showcase of its own. Consider the impact our selections can make on the look of any room in your home, or your entire home. Work with our window design specialists to enhance your home’s view—inside and out—to the fullest. You’ve finally picked out your perfect match. Installation is a big part of making sure that your vision is flawlessly realized, and trusting professionals not only ensures outstanding results, but also your peace of mind during the process. We have many years of experience and our licensed installers are the best in the business, so you can be certain your renovation is in good hands. Rely on us to make your installation a success. There are few things scarier than hearing a loud crash coming from inside your room in the middle of the night because your curtain rod collapsed, dumping everything in a pile on the floor. Prevent these unfortunate incidents by leaving your window shade installation to our skilled professionals. We make sure to measure everything properly, use the right hardware to support the weight of your curtains, and ensure that everything is sure to stay secure for as long as you need.

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