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Luxury Vinyl Tile in Toronto, ON

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Nothing brings quite the same polish to a room as the addition of beautiful floors, particularly luxury vinyl tile floors. When you’re ready to renovate you home, the natural place to start is your floor. It sets atmospheric tone and provides an important foundational element for your interior design. As you peruse the many options in our collections, you are sure to make the choice that best fits your needs in looks and performance. Your new Luxury Vinyl flooring will last throughout the years, because this flooring blends form with function for ultimate durability and outstanding aesthetic appeal. You have the design versatility to choose the look you want, and still enjoy all the benefits of vinyl.

Our collections of luxury vinyl tile flooring come in varieties resembling such materials as wood and even stone. We carry only the most reputable brands, which include:

Much of our success has come from word-of-mouth referrals. Part of the reason our customers find such satisfaction in our work is our dedication to actively procuring the most innovative design and materials. Luxury Vinyl flooring, for example, has dramatically increased in popularity over recent years. An investment in luxury vinyl flooring adds value to your home, and gives you peace of mind that your choice will be an attractive resale feature to prospective buyers.

We understand that you want to make a sound investment in your home. This reliable flooring is the product of highly advanced 3D printing technology. An image of the material type you wish to emulate is embedded throughout the vinyl, producing a visual effect so realistic it can be impossible to tell the difference without a close inspection. You’ll be enjoying your dream floors at a lower investment price and with far fewer maintenance concerns to balance in the future.

Experience a Home Transformation with Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

Nothing sets a house apart like an innovative and cohesive design theme. When you start one from the ground up, your home is sure to be a standout in your neighborhood. Luxury vinyl tile flooring gives you total flexibility with your choice, and you can still count on the easy maintenance long associated with traditional vinyl. Distinction and elegance are not second to practicality with this flooring material.

An exceptionally durable material, vinyl is resistant to scratches and scuffs, and repels dirt and water. It provides a certain amount of noise reduction as well, especially compared to some other flooring materials. The only required upkeep is occasional sweeping or mopping. If you’re planning to stay in your home for a while you’ll be able to enjoy the results yourself, and if you’re looking to increase resale value, luxury vinyl tile is a highly marketable home feature.

For the savvy investor, luxury vinyl flooring presents a unique opportunity. Updates to the production process have made it virtually impossible to tell the difference between luxury vinyl tile and the high-end flooring it replicates. You can enjoy the prestige and beauty of any product you choose at a more reasonable cost, so you can invest more lavishly in other areas of your home. Revitalizing your home is just a floor away.

Contact us to ask one of our knowledgeable staff why luxury vinyl tile is right for your home upgrade.