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Area Rug Brands

Barabara Barry Rugs

Renowned Interior Designer, colorist, visionary Barbara Barry brings her own subtle grace and luxury to Tufenkian with the Barbara Barry Collection. She creates serene compositions that embrace the subtle colorings and textures of our Tibetan carpets. Inspired by nature and beauty, she infuses her designs with her intuitive knowledge of design, light space. The result is a carpet that can transform a room with the play of silk and wool, color and pattern. The collection includes whimsical and stately, soothing and invigorating, muted and rich. Classic, beautiful


Kevin Walz Rugs™

An internationally recognized designer who resides in Rome, Kevin finds inspiration in city streetscapes, the paving stones of trastevere and roman cathedral mosaics, translating them into carpets that reclaim the art of an ancient world for modern living. Unexpected, sculptural, not afraid of color, the Kevin Walz Collection for Tufenkian is a riot of pattern, texture and innovation in floor coverings. Kevin’s background in painting is evident in the prismatic palates, color drenched carved rugs, textile-inspired designs, and elegant pairings of wool and silk carpets in this collection. These unique rugs, handmade with the finest materials are like art for the floors.


Laura Kirar Rugs™

Inspired by Laura’s appreciation of modern art and music, she uses a minimalist approach to creating geometric patterns that explore the shared strength and juxtaposed textures of wool and hemp. New Modern collection features the earthy beauty of organic materials exhibited at their best in sleek, contemporary designs. With her interior design background, Laura creates adaptable rugs that unite a room and highlight the furniture. These stylish carpets are more modestly priced than our Core Collection and are at the same time informal, classic, and natural. If this is the look and sensibility you are after, you may find your first Tufenkian rug in this category.


Mark Polluck Rugs™

Textile designer Mark Pollack brings his graphic, innovative approach to design to his collection with Tufenkian. Bringing his detailed knowledge and experience of materials and fabrics, Pollack has found a fun new medium to display his expertise. His sophisticated, unsentimental patterns create clean, modern backdrops to the cosmopolitan home. Inspired by fine art, travel and design as a means to a solution, he created a line of smooth, transitional carpets elevated by finely nuanced handcrafting. His mod aesthetic, rhythmic motifs and complimentary color palates create a lively focal point for any room.


Martha Stewart Rugs™

All of our hand-woven and hand-looped rugs represent the collaboration between the design experts at Martha Stewart and Safavieh’s weavers. Their interpretation of each design makes every rug an entirely unique creation. And all of our rugs, including those that are machine-made, feature unmatched warmth, vitality, and character. We’ve also chosen wonderful colors and fine fibers, like cotton, wool, and silk, which offer exceptional luster, softness, and durability.


Ralph Lauren Rugs™

Designed in a series of exotic patterns and graphic prints, each luxurious Ralph Lauren rug is crafted from the finest natural materials in a rich, signature palette for style to suit any décor.


Tufenkian Artisian Carpets

Tufenkian Artisan Carpets are recognized the world over for unparalleled handmade character, premium materials and timeless design. Expertly made according to ancient artisan traditions, Tufenkian's Tibetan and Armenian carpets remain vibrant and beautiful throughout generations of use, their lifetimes measured in decades and centuries instead of years. This commitment to beauty and quality, as well as Tufenkian's standard-setting humanitarian practices, has attracted world-class partner designers, including Barbara Barry, Clodagh, Laura Kirar, Mark Pollack, Kevin Walz and Vicente Wolf. From award-winning programmed rugs to one-of-a-kind custom designs, Tufenkian Artisan Carpets are the market's most enduring value.


Thomas O'Brien Rugs™

Thomas O’Brien is the first personality to create a signature collection for Safavieh. Designer, merchant, collector and tastemaker, O’Brien pioneered the style of warm modernism. The founder of the renowned Aero Studios, he has received press and industry accolades for commercial and residential interiors for high-profile clients, among them Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren. In his collection for Safavieh, Thomas O’Brien straddles modern and traditional genres with his trademark vintage inflection.


Vincente Wolfe Rugs™

Inducted in Interior Design Magazines’ Hall Of Fame in 1998, Vicente Wolf combines an intellectual philosophy of design and an artist’s vision of creativity in his designs. For Tufenkian, Wolf creates complex yet subdued collection or organic designs. With memories of his world travels, a photographer’s keen eye and his award winning design aesthetic, he creates a mood, a room, a home with one defining principle: simplicity. His collaboration with Tufenkian gets to the heart of the matter as well. Beautiful, sophisticated, and abstract carpets that elegantly brush over the floors. Wolf has transformed rich palates, luxurious silk and the finest Tibetan wool into sculptural art for the floors. Subtle, sensuous, and sublime. ‘Vincent and Me’, a design from the Pure Textures Collection won the prestigious Frabel Award for Design in 2012.

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