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When it comes to shopping for new flooring, it can be a bit challenging to know where to begin. Many different materials are available, and depending on your needs, one product may be a smarter choice for your home than another. However, if you’re in the market for a flooring material that does it all, it’s difficult to go wrong with dynamic carpet flooring. After all, carpeting is one of the most popular flooring materials in the world. Not all carpets are created equal. In fact, some of the very finest carpet products are waiting for you at our showroom. We carry high-end options created by some of the industry’s most trusted manufacturers, including Just Shorn, Karastan, and The Dabbieri Collection®. Stop by today to see the quality and aesthetics that set these products apart from any other carpet store in the area.

Carpet is a classic flooring choice that is known for adding a warm and inviting ambiance anywhere it’s placed. Modern manufacturers have expanded their selections, offering increasingly diverse products in response to consumer demands. Discerning shoppers have made it clear that they prefer to invest in more creative, luxurious, and even eco-friendly types of this flooring. Our store is no exception. We pay close attention to our customers’ preferences – that’s why we strive to offer the largest local selection of luxury carpets. From traditional patterns to avant-garde designs and textures, our showroom carries flooring options suitable for every room or area in your home. Visit today to explore our stylish and diverse selection in person. In addition to carrying many carpet products, our showroom carries custom window treatments. Take your renovation plans to the next step with beautiful curtains, drapes, and other sophisticated window coverings. It’s easy to coordinate both your windows and your floors when you shop with us – our showroom team is ready and waiting to recommend products according to your tastes.

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There are many reasons to install carpets in your home. However, one of the most-cited reasons is comfort. This flooring is an excellent choice for any homeowner interested in creating a warm, inviting atmosphere; it insulates and cushions even the largest rooms. This makes it the perfect surface for tired feet after a long day, as well as for children just learning to walk. It is also exceptionally durable. It requires very little maintenance, and any messes that arise are easy to manage with just a vacuum cleaner. Unlike other materials, it won’t require refinishing, and it will continue to look and feel luxurious for many years with proper care. Busy families throughout the area choose carpeting for its aesthetic properties and practical aspects.

Shopping with our flooring specialists is an easy and enjoyable experience. Over time, our dedicated staff has refined and perfected the art of superb customer service. We understand your refined taste – that’s why we carry flooring products that enable you to achieve your interior design goals. We also offer a wide selection of options for custom area rugs, perfect for shoppers that want the softness of carpeting but need the versatility and flexibility that accompany rugs. Some of our most popular and versatile brands include the following:

Just Shorn: Just Shorn is an eco-friendly New Zealand-based manufacturer. They craft stunning carpets and rugs from the finest wool, sourced from the countryside of one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Just Shorn strives to support responsible trade, and its team is dedicated to sustainable resource collection. When you purchase a Just Shorn product, you support more than just a forward-thinking store – you support your planet and artisan-level quality, as well as your own design vision.

The Dabbieri Collection®: The Dabbieri Collection® is a luxury flooring brand offering thousands of high-end carpeting options. When quality is key, you can always rely on this brand for beautiful, yet durable materials. Enjoy access to numerous products that feature diverse colors, patterns, and textures.

Karastan Rugs: Since 1928, Karastan has set the industry standard for unique power-loomed rugs. Each is crafted with premium-quality materials, which enables Karastan to produce products with luxurious softness and richness of texture, trademarks of theirs.

Berber Carpet: Are you looking for a unique flooring option? Take home a stylish and practical carpet floor and enjoy a small piece of history in the making. The term “Berber carpet” refers to the carpets created by North African Berber populations, beginning thousands of years ago. These peoples utilized a weaving technique that gave their carpets a unique texture and appearance.Today’s Berber products are the result of an industrialized “loop pile” construction technique. However, modern Berber carpets retain the same old-world charm and one-of-a-kind texture. Visit our showroom to see this versatile carpeting in person, and be sure to place yours in an area where it can easily be seen.

To learn more about any of these companies and their products, stop by our expansive showroom. Our team is more than happy to provide more information about each, as well as assist you in choosing the product that’s right for your needs. Let us know what you prefer in terms of color, pattern, thickness, and style – you’re sure to find something suitable when you explore our collection.

Professional Carpet Installation

Make a smart choice for your latest home investment by opting for professional carpet installation. Many amateur installers overlook key aspects of the installation process, especially during the preparation stage. It makes sense to recruit flooring installers that care about your home and respect your preferences as a homeowner. Rest easy knowing our contractors provide just that when you choose them to provide flawless installations. It’s important to choose contractors that take their time during each phase of installation, especially if your home’s layout differs from traditional residential layouts. Perhaps you have an older home with floor vents, or custom stairs which don’t follow common design patterns.

Our licensed contractors are fully equipped to handle your installation from beginning to end. We carefully consider any outlying factors that could present challenges to our work before we ever begin your project. This commitment to planning keeps your project on schedule, guards against wasted materials due to trial and error, and provides the peace of mind you need to feel confident about your latest home addition.

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